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Transformers: How Toy Marketing Shaped the Identity of a Generation.

What did you play with as a kid?

How did what you played with reflect your personality?

What story-lines or mythologies dominated your play?

What do you make of the idea of “the myth that entered history?”

Embracing Your Inner Nerd

Do you have an “inner nerd?”

Why do people tend to stay in like-minded groups?

Are we created beings or just a product of a random genetic mix & socializing experiences?

Live Interview with Avi Abrams

Avi Abrams' blog, Dark Roasted Blend is in the top 500 of Technorati's ratings. He receives 50,000 hits per day and over a million per month.

Part 1 of the Interview with Avi Abrams.

Part 2 of the Interview with Avi Abrams.

Here are some questions for you to share your thoughts on (leave a comment):

Do you blog? What does blogging do for you?

How is blogging affecting the media landscape?

Is blogging helping to increase the general public's consciousness of spiritual issues & ideas?

Returning from the Rainbow Nation

HIV/AIDS Africa Introduction plus Short Film

HIV/AIDS Africa Part 1

HIV/AIDS Africa Part 2

Do you have any personal experiences in the battle against HIV/AIDS?

How can we help people struggling in Africa when they are separated from us by distance, culture, politics & economics?

How does knowledge of the depth of suffering of people in Uganda, South Africa & other parts of Africa personally affect you?

Serious Gamers Salving Serious Suffering

Throughout history and across cultures, games have held a prominent place in human society.

Why are games so important to us?

Coaxing Shrek to Eat Johnny Depp

Some questions you can comment on are below as is video of the original presentation. So toss in your two cents!
What draws us to adventure, fairy-tale & legend?

Why do our lives seem so distant from these stories?

Are there dimensions of life that can be better understood through legends & fairy tales?

Is it possible that there is a spiritual world infusing the material world, much like the things of nature infuse the things of man?