Embracing Your Inner Nerd

Do you have an “inner nerd?”

Why do people tend to stay in like-minded groups?

Are we created beings or just a product of a random genetic mix & socializing experiences?

Live Interview with Avi Abrams

Avi Abrams' blog, Dark Roasted Blend is in the top 500 of Technorati's ratings. He receives 50,000 hits per day and over a million per month.

Part 1 of the Interview with Avi Abrams.

Part 2 of the Interview with Avi Abrams.

Here are some questions for you to share your thoughts on (leave a comment):

Do you blog? What does blogging do for you?

How is blogging affecting the media landscape?

Is blogging helping to increase the general public's consciousness of spiritual issues & ideas?

Returning from the Rainbow Nation

HIV/AIDS Africa Introduction plus Short Film

HIV/AIDS Africa Part 1

HIV/AIDS Africa Part 2

Do you have any personal experiences in the battle against HIV/AIDS?

How can we help people struggling in Africa when they are separated from us by distance, culture, politics & economics?

How does knowledge of the depth of suffering of people in Uganda, South Africa & other parts of Africa personally affect you?

Serious Gamers Salving Serious Suffering

Throughout history and across cultures, games have held a prominent place in human society.

Why are games so important to us?