Transformers: How Toy Marketing Shaped the Identity of a Generation.

What did you play with as a kid?

How did what you played with reflect your personality?

What story-lines or mythologies dominated your play?

What do you make of the idea of “the myth that entered history?”


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, people enjoy mythology and legend because there are great truths behind them. I think that in many ways mythology manifests itself in your personalities just because as children we are learning the boundries of this world. Lets face it, this world sucks. Thats why we look to movies, stories for truths in our lives and I think that is why our culture has been formed by movies.

Oh by the way, when I was younger I had a variety of toys. But there wasn't one thing I stuck too. Lego while watching a movie was my favorite thing to do.

Transformers: The Movie Rules


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Cherie Sr. said...

As kids, we play with toys to figure out who we are.

As adults, we make and watch movies for the same reason.

stacey said...

I think toys that we really love as kids, especially heros have a deeper meaning for us that we can't express as kids, or even adults, sometimes. That's why the mythology is so important. There's a story that gives meaning, voice to something deeper within. Like what it means for us to see true goodness, loyalty and courage in these characters and toys.