Serious Gamers Salving Serious Suffering

Throughout history and across cultures, games have held a prominent place in human society.

Why are games so important to us?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There are two reasons I think games are important. First of all, because they are fun, and fun is good. Most days that’s good enough for me. But the really good games, the really immersive ones that capture me, somehow touch that place of greater need - of purpose, power, and adventure. I think it’s fine to have that need touched – especially if it makes us more aware of it.

What many don’t realize, is that those things are available in real life. I’m not talking about the crazies who go on shooting rampages, because of Doom (for the record I don’t think anyone actually goes on shooting rampages because of Doom) I’m talking about day-to-day stuff; real interactions, with real people, and even a real God. 


Cherie Sr. said...

"I think it's fine to have that need touched - especially if it makes us more aware of it." Yes, Stace - exactly. I think if there's anything we need, it's to wake up to our real desires. We are so distracted by the superficial demands of our culture (do I look fat in this?)that we live disconnected from our true selves.

Someone once told me, "Explore your longings". Those three words changed my life.

Someone else once told me, "Don't get addicted to holodeck programs." I think that was Lieutenant Reg Barkley...

Anway, it's all good advice.