Thin Places: Bridges Between Worlds

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Ruby said...

This reminds me of the two weeks I spent in Trinidad with my friend, Jenny and her Hindu family(1991). That was cultural immersion. What excites me now is that I may have the opportunity to have her come to Canada and be immersed in Canadian culture (and prayerfully some real God influence)

Some might, but I have no issues about immersing myself in a Godless culture for a time to experience what they see and how they live. Because when we, as Jesus freaks, open ourselves up to their world, we become educated and our lost freinds will be more willing to step into our world when they get a chance.
That's not the motive, but it is the reward.

Rob Scott said...

I think Canada is much more of a Godless culture than most developing nations. Especially when you look at the kinds of social shifts that have happened in nations like Uganda (with reference to their battle with HIV/AIDS).

I hope your friend makes it here for a visit.